1/6th Scale


The First Official PEAK Figurine, and who Better than Lain! This Figure comes with Around 20 Different Pieces to Assemble, and Stands at 13 Inches Tall, and 9 Inches on Each Side. You also Receive 4 Different Stuffed Animals to Place Wherever You Would Like, in Addition to 3 Swappable TV Screens with Different Images of Lain! This Figurine comes with Lighting as well in 3 of the screens, and on the base, featuring 12 Different Color Options! 

"First of hopefully many things to come, the future is looking interesting and i hope you will join me. Thank you for your support, and always believe in yourself" !

Expect ALL Orders to be shipped within 1-4 months, depending on when you place your order will determine how fast you receive it :)

* 13 Inches Tall

* 4 Stuffed Animals

* 3 Swappable TV Screens

* 12 Different Color Options


Bear-Onesie Lain Plush! (PreOrder)


EVERYONE IS ALWAYS A PLUSHIE! Grab your Lain Plush now with 2 Versions, including Bear Lain and Wired Lain. Both Plushies are 10 Inches Tall and made of Durable but Soft fabric. Bear Lain is able to Take her Hood and Boots off, If you buy both you can even mix and match outfits!



* 10 Inches

* Detachable Hood and Boots

Wired Lain Plush! (PreOrder)